Blind People Ministry



There are 30 blind people living in Ikkadu village, which is 6 kms from our village. All the people living together. They are not having any job, but they are getting some kind of help from the village people, but th help is not coming regularly, so they are not able to take food daily, we are visiting them on Sunday evening and praying in their place by preaching the Gospel, singing songs and gospel stories to them, Everybody got much happy and they are very much interested, I would like to provide them  food , dress and handicraft job training to enable them to feed their food on their own. I am consulting the same with my friends’ circle how to operate this training, so please pray for these 30 blind people.


“ I was eyes to the blind!  And feet to the Lame! I was a father to Poor!!!  Job 29: 5,16.